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Traversing the unknown hypermedia art of Vania Leporowski.


The hypermedia work described as “Cold Wax” by Guatemalan artist Vania Leporowski encapsulates the essence of artistry, reflecting a profound understand- ing of the power of visual expression of emotions and mindsets. Her skills showcase a versatility that transcends conventional bound- aries, giving birth to a new body of work em- ploying the cold wax medium. Emphasizing composition as a vehicle for her creative endeavors, the artist underscores the intentionality and thoughtfulness that define her artistic approach.

Leporowski views art not only as a form of personal expression but as a means of transmitting energ y and emotions, terms she uses to name all of her works. The acknowledgment of vitality coursing through her work implies a life force that breathes energy into the themes she tackles, creating a profound and engaging artistic experience for those who witness her creations. 

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MAY 2021

Selected Artist – El Festival Arte at Rozas-Botran Contemporary Museum.

The Art in May Festival celebrates the 23rd anniversary of bringing to the Guatemalan population an exceptional art show in which artists from all over the world participate. In these 24 consecutive years, thousands of visitors have seen a collection of works that is exhibited during the month of May and June in the art and culture spaces of zone 14 Gallery and the UNIS Rozas-Botrán Contemporary Museum.

With the purpose of promoting the artistic production of Central America, Panama and other Latin American countries, this event is the only one that offers a platform of tangible benefits to artists who meet the participation requirements:

This year we explore once again the hybridization of the exhibition between physical space and digital space to reach a more diverse audience. The existence of physical and museographic limits encourages the viewer to establish direct communication with the art that is around them. From another perspective, the absence of limits in social networks and virtual platforms gives the user freedom to interact with art whenever they decide to do so.

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Vania Leporowski for MONTERROSO GALLRY

Exhibtions at Monterroso Gallery are an opportunity to be introduced to the works of a bevy of brilliant artists that the public may not beeen formally introduced to yet. Talented artists that are dedicated to their work and studio practice.