I am Vania Leporowski, a Guatemalan born artist based out of Houston, TX. I create unique & beautiful art from mediums deeply rooted in the Guatemalan culture.

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Artist Statement

I was born in Guatemala and have lived in Barcelona, Buffalo N.Y. and moved to Houston, TX  in 1985.

My work is best described as Cold Wax and Hot Wax. My paintings express my feelings through color and movement. My inspiration comes from the beauty of the Guatemalan folklore.

About Vania Leporowski

Growing up in Guatemala, Vania Leporowski was always immersed in countries rich artistic history. A history which dates to pre-Columbian times with paintings of exquisite murals and carvings of stelae by the Mayans. This is what influenced Leporowski as a teenager and gave her the love of art.

Early influences included works by Carlos Mérida, Ramirez Amaya, Roberto González Goyri, and others of the “Generación del 40.” This lead to studies at the renown Institucion Artistica de at Enseñanza Escuela (IADE) in Barcelona. During her time in Barcelona, Leporowsk’s artistic expression led to several shows. Private collectors began to take notice and purchase her paintings.

Upon returning to Guatemala, Leporowski continued her art studies under the guidance of the well-known muralist, Marie AndreeBartlett. She also collaborated with the Fundación Margarita Tejada Para Sindrom Down to help children with Down syndrome.

In 1982, Vania and her husband moved to the USA where she continues to develop new techniques, including encaustic, to continue her self-expression through colors, textures and shapes.